Cosmetic Dentistry in Today’s World

Today, aesthetics exclusively concerns beauty and beauty is a concept that has different meanings all around the world, having been changed by different cultural and social events.Cosmetic Dentistry Dubai

For gypsies, beauty involves covering the teeth with gold prosthesis. In some tribes in the Amazon, beauty is to carve the teeth into a triangular shape as a sign of honour for young warriors.

The present world concept of beauty is completely the opposite. In fact, the discolouration of even one teeth is considered a defect and may cause psychological problems.

A few studies conducted by a prominent American manufacturer of eye lenses drew attention to the fact that men are strongly attracted as a first visual impact, to a woman’s eyes and then to their smiles. Conversely, women are attracted first to men’s smiles and then to their eyes. In essence, attributes of a smile are of great importance.

Restorative therapy in dentistry today ranges from simple reconstruction of a fractured tooth angle, through diastema closure with tooth coloured restorations, to placement of veneers or complete ceramic crowns.

Dental profession has tried to resolve the problem of discolouration; resin composite, laminated, and complete crowns were seen as the solutions to restore discoloured teeth. Some cases can be dealt with a more economic option of teeth whitening. Types are Laser Whitening or Night Guard Vital Whitening. Night Guard Whitening is a conservative and safe method to reduce chairside time and to minimise gingival and pulpal reactions often associated with the in-office whitening.

The solutions for other cases would be state-of-the-art aesthetic complete coverage restorations using all ceramic crowns or veneers dubaiveneers dubai and Lumineers, manufactured in high technology laboratories abroad using materials that are biocompatible and undisputed quality.

However, some of these procedures involve partial or total reduction of teeth. To minimise, the same orthodontic options will be explored to address the needs of the patients. A short course of invisible orthodontics goes a long way in making the treatment aesthetic orientated.

Creating true aesthetics requires an understanding that the best restoration is one that is not noticed.

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