Dr. Ashee Rajabali.

What Our Patients Say About Dr. Ashee Rajabali

The staff at Cocoona Dental welcomed me to the clinic as soon as I arrived and ensured a smooth and easy registration with the clinic. Upon completion Dr.Ashee’s assistant guided me to Dr.Ashee’s treatment room, where I was again welcomed with a warm smile.Dr.Ashee’s approach, manner and friendly professionalism put me at ease, and removed any sense of anxiousness that I had had. Her great ‘chair-side’ manner continued throughout the session as she explained exactly what was going to happen, why and what I should expect. Dr.Ashee is also extremely gentle and when I felt uncomfortable she turned to alternative methods of treatment to make sure that I felt calm, safe and pain free.

Overall, I was relaxed, calm and well cared for throughout my hour in Dr.Ashee’s chair. As per all previous recommendations, her care and treatment were second to none. I would, and have already recommended Dr.Ashee to families and friends. She is a wonderful dentist – one who, true to her goals, will help people enjoy their time at the dentist, and make you smile – because it feels good!

Sincerely Yours, Candice
You, like me find the notion of a trip to the dentist an unpleasant ordeal. I had put off the idea (and its subsequent booking) for up to 2 years. Inspired by Dr. Ashee’s credentials, positively and promise of a ‘pleasant experience’, I visited Cocoona on 26th May 2012 and was very pleasurably surprised.Cocoona is very homely and welcoming environment, unlike other surgeries that I painfully recall. Dr. Ashee and her team were incredibly natural and checkup were pain-free, educational and highly informative.

I world encourage those, like me, who contort at the idea of toothache for fear of having to make a trip to the dentist. Do no delay; take preventive action by a simple, pleasant trip to Cocoona.

A very smiley, Nameer Kanderian
Dear Dr. AsheeI wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you have provided to Blossom during our meet the dentist morning and the corporate scheme that many of our families have availed. The children adored the presentation and story time you did and we repeatedly hear from satisfied families about the care and consideration they receive.

Blossom has chosen to work with your center not just for our child education projects but also for dental work of our staff and families. I have had both my daughters seen by you at your clinic which is pristine and comfortable for patients. Your patience and confidence with Sufiyah was excellent in reassuring her that she was okay just when she was that bit nervous to see the dentist. Zeynah actually enjoys coming to see the dentist! Your care while my girls were ailing made me feel both secure and supported. Thank you for providing Dubai with a quality facility and caring hands for our children. It is much appreciated.

Sincerely Yours, Zahra Hamirani
I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Ashee for the past 3 months and in that time I have to say that I have never before met a dentist who cared so much about their patients.
During my consultation and treatment, she was both caring, considerate and extremely professional. She even attended the lab with me giving up a considerable amount of her own time to assist me when there was a problem with some lab work that was being done. She also demonstrated the same amount of care and professionalism to one of my staff who was in considerable pain with a dental problem.
Dr. Ashee runs events at the clinic to help children overcome any fear they may have and even encourages them to ‘do’ some treatment in order for them to understand what a dentist does.
I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Ashee to my friends, colleagues and indeed anyone who needs a professional, caring and talented dentist.
Annie Browne, Health and Safety Consultant and Trainer and CEO at Health and Safety Solutions FZLLE

Dr. Ashee and her assistant were so helpful and especially with my young children who usually do not like the dentist. It was a surprisingly good experience!

Brerge Godfvey


Brilliant service! Excellent with children and adults alike. I am very impressed!

Emma T.


Very friendly and professional. I a very nervous @ dentist and she accommodates for this. I’m grateful for that.

Amy S

“Ashee is an excellent person and a very considering dentist. I had the opportunity to work with her in the past with only good memories. She  puts patient in the centre of attention and explains everything in every detail making you  feel  relaxed. Her voice has a calming effect and you  just  forget  that  you  are  lying  on a  dental  chair. I am happy to say that I have been her  colleague and patient ”

Theo Karantoniou, Dentist, The Dental Suite
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