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What Our Patients Say About Dr. Hasan

Since younger age, I’ve always had a relatively smaller upper jaw that has a “V” shape; where almost every dentist I’ve visited since my childhood advised me to go for a braces. I’ve postponed the step for several years, till I reached 27 years old and visited Dr. Hasan for the first time with the intention to do the Hollywood smile adjustment, or any other technique but not braces. Dr. Hasan inspected the case and decided that I need braces, however and due to my concerns he gave me two options I either go for internal braces or a new technique called Invisalign which will be more expensive. I was very curious to know more about the Invisalign, once I saw it I knew that this is what I want. I just knew why I’ve been delaying the step for many years; it seems that my subconscious was waiting for such neat technique to see the light.

My experience with invisalign took almost 18 months; I was very satisfied, smiling confidently throughout the whole process. It’s barely noticeable that you’re wearing aligners, moreover they’re removable. Whenever I switch to new aligners, a very minor bearable pain was noticed. What I liked also about the invisalign technique that it’s a shared responsibility between the Dr and the patient, so it’s your responsibility to keep it on all the time and take care of the aligners. The whole experience definitely worth it and the end result is really satisfying.

Best Regards, Ethar I. Al-Fouzan

Many years ago, my family has always told me that I have to wear braces to fix my uneven teeth.
I was very terrified because everyone whom I knew with braces told me that it hurt a lot, and knowing that I had to extract 4 teeth made me even more scared.
On February 22nd, I got my upper braces and of course, the pain was bearable at first but it reduced after a couple of days. Dr.Hasan used the new SELF-LIGATING braces called Smart-Clip.
Having braces was a delightful experiment because it definitely changed the way I looked.
Yes, I admit that every time I look in the mirror, the first thing I notice is my new smile.
Also, having a great orthodontist who always made me laugh in the monthly visits was the best part of having braces, to be honest.
No more braces means:
No more elastics
No more hearing you saying (eftah – sakkar – bite dear ) ha-ha!
And today, after I’ve had my braces off, all I do is show off my new smile.
Thanks Dr.Hasan .

Dalal Al-suwaidan

Dear Dr. Hasan,

Thank you for the great dental service. I have been a patient of yours for the past eight years now, although it doesn’t seem that long ago when I first came into the center to get braces.

Before that, I used to fear going to the dentist, but when you started treating me, I felt at ease and confident that all the pain was going to be worth the while. Especially through the grueling dental process I had to go through before the braces, when you had to apply the expansion screw. Little did I know then, that was only a preview of what was coming ahead.

The treatment you recommended for me was the “Clarity Ceramic braces”, which I was very happy with for the two years; it was the latest orthodontic treatment back then, which made me feel unique and different than all my friends. When I got back home the day they were removed, I wanted to come back and put them back on again, it was a new feeling of perfection with my teeth, which felt foreign to me.

Thank you for your patience and guidance through the whole treatment process. It has been a pleasure working with a loyal and honest doctor such as yourself, therefore I recommend you for all the patients out there. Especially to those who have a fear from going to the dentist, or who feel self-conscious when they smile, Dr. Hasan will make you feel comfortable, and you will find yourself flashing your smile and taking lots of toothy pictures. I know I do!

Thanks again doc!

Sincerely, Noura Al-Sharhan

In 2004, my late father took me to Dr. Hasan after weeks of searching for a reliable doctor to take care of my dental needs. Six years and a perfect set of teeth later I still go to Dr. Hasan for my check-ups and after my success story with Dr. Hasan, five family members shared the same experience I did. A visit to my dentist wasn’t your average dentist visit, it was a visit to Dr. Hasan, a decision I never regretted.

This was the testimonial shared by Ms.Rubah Al Jarallah who has been treated with Lingual Orthodontic braces (Braces on the inside) in both upper and lower arches.

Ms.Rubah Al Jarallah

As a patient that’s had lots of experience with braces and retainers after having worn them for several years, I was asked to write about my thoughts regarding this matter.

As most people already know, a person’s teeth are usually the first thing someone notices when they smile or talk. This fact alone is enough for people to undergo expensive, time consuming and sometimes painful procedures to perfect their smiles. But even with those downsides in mind, getting braces is probably the smartest thing I have ever done. Not only does a relatively straight set of teeth boost one’s confidence, but it also helps in maintaining healthy oral hygiene as they are now much easier to clean and floss.

I wore braces (MBT Pre-adjusted system) for about two years and have been wearing retainers now for three years. I wore them the exact way I was advised by my orthodontist (Dr. Hasan Murthy). When my braces were first removed I wore my retainers all day except for when I was eating. A year later I started wearing my retainer every night. I now wear my retainer on and off a couple of times per week. I do feel that the retainers are an essential if not the most essential part of the entire treatment. Having said that however, my teeth have still managed to move a bit but I was told that that could not be helped and a bit of movement is actually expected. It depends highly on the patient and how his or her teeth and gums (Transeptal fibers) adapt to their new positions so the degree of change after the removal of braces is quite difficult to anticipate.

As for how I felt while wearing my braces and retainers, I would have to say it wasn’t bad at all in my opinion. I did have to spend more time cleaning my teeth as flossing wasn’t possible so extra care had to be taken in order to prevent cavities. Braces can cause tiny cuts sometimes inside the mucosa of the mouth, which can be uncomfortable. All in all I’d have to say the results people get after braces are worth the effort. Retainers however, did take some time for me to get used to wearing. I had some trouble talking the first few days and it seemed that I had developed a lisp when talking while wearing them. After I had gotten used to them I actually found it difficult to fall asleep without wearing them! Ironic as that may seem, I am actually not the only person who feels this way. I have a couple of friends who had to wear retainers that have gotten so used to them the same way I did.

In regards to retainers, there are actually several types. The orthodontist would advise each patient according to what he thinks mostly suits them. I have had experience with two types of retainers, the HAWLEY and the FIXED RETAINER. The Hawley retainer is the removable one that I would remove while eating. The fixed retainer is a wire that is glued on to the back of my teeth. Each had its advantages and disadvantages in my opinion. The Hawley (removable) retainer was easily misplaced or lost as I would sometimes forget to carry its case with me and wrap it in a paper towel, which would lead to throwing it away mistakenly. The fixed retainer, while easier to live with as it’s just installed to the teeth, is quite difficult to clean. The teeth it is glued to cannot be flossed so people would have to be extra cautious not to forget to clean adequately in order to prevent cavities or gum disease. It might also get detached sometimes if I bite into something hard and that’s always frustrating because I’d have to get a new one or visit Dr.Hasan for addition of glue or resin. If I had to choose between those two however, I would definitely go with the fixed retainer because it’s practically invisible and more aesthetically acceptable.That’s a summary of my experience with braces and retainers. I think Dr.Hasan did an excellent job and never failed to listen to any concerns no matter how small or unnoticeable and I thank him greatly for that.

Yasmin Al Qatan.


The first time I thought of installing braces was intimidating to me because a couple of my friends have had installed them and from what they have experienced is major pain according to them. I have always noticed them after their visit to the dentist with a headache and a severe teeth ache that prevented them from getting a good night sleep at night or forcing them to pop in painkillers hour after the other. I have also seen a couple of friends of mine who have recently adjusted their wire or elastics who have gone through a somewhat liquid or mashed food diet.
That could go up to 3 or 4 days. I had to get my braces on before it’s too late considering having crocked teeth that made me insecure about my smile.

First day experience was a little fun however the worst part was the teeth extraction. But after that I got to see the results immediately my teeth started to move quickly I can see the results instantly after changing the wire. I had two weeks before picture that was on my phone and it struck me how my teeth are starting to move.  The process at which the Dr.Hasan tightens the wire or elastics is not as painful as my friends, they all commented on why my brackets are smaller than usual and how come I can eat after 2 or 3 days max and the pain is always minor. The reason behind it was the SELF LIGATING BRACES – Damon Q braces. To be honest I get really excited to each visit to change the wire or see how much change my teeth are going under. Since then I’ve been recommending it to my friends and relatives, I can’t wait for my final adjustments and finally remove off my braces.

Sarah Al Suwaidan


In my opinion, having a perfect set of teeth is a very important thing as it is a sign of beauty. Now, thanks to doctor Hasan, I can smile with confidence.

I started treatment for my thumb sucking habit, which had created a hole when I close my front teeth. Dr.Hasan fixed a Habit breaking Cribs appliance for 8 months. Miraculously the space began to close by itself and my teeth were able to meet on biting. Initially there was discomfort but then I learnt to eat and speak with eat and in the end it was no big trouble.

For getting a good smile and occlusion he suggested I wear braces. My mother and I decided to fix Gold braces. Wow! They looked much better than the silver or metal ones. I loved it.

It is has been tough to deal with small pieces of metal stuck to my teeth, but it has definitely paid off.  Ortho’s Gold Braces from Ormco Company was used.
Knowing that I needed braces for a long time was such horrible news, but during the time I had them on, I could clearly see a change. Of course I had minor pain throughout the procedure but there was a sign of progression. The best part about having braces was that they were Gold, which was very unusual and that they wouldn’t really show from a distance. My smile always happens to bring attention; my family describes my teeth as a perfect set of pearls. I would like to thank doctor Hasan for all the hard work he had put into making my smile beautiful.

Regards, Noor Awani.


My name is Mariam Malallah and I’m a final year medical student in Ireland.
It was a challenge for me to find a dentist who would accept to do my teeth while I’m studying abroad. However, a friend of mine in Ireland recommended Dr.Hasan, and after I saw his job I felt very comfortable and pleased to have him as my dentist.
I found him very welcoming, gentle and caring. I was so excited that he gave me a priceless opportunity to stop hiding my teeth while smiling after 3 years of non-stop search for a dentist.
He gave me many options and managed to choose the best plan for my situation. He used the new technology braces called Empower and he told me it is a Self-Ligating braces. I had to remove four teeth as I had a lot of crowding of teeth.
Now I can smile with confidence and fill the day with a bright smile in my graduation this year.
My experience with Dr.Hasan was unforgettable. He is a great dentist and did a wonderful job. I’m so glad that I had him as my dentist and I highly recommend him. In spite of studying in Ireland, the beauty of these braces was it was doing its work even in the absence of Dr.Hasan and I could notice the change continuously.
Thank you so much Dr.Hasan you’ve added a bright smile to my life.

With sincere thanks, Mariam Malallah


It was a pleasure working with Dr. Hasan for the duration of my treatment. Over the course of the past few years, Dr. Hasan has handled several of my dental procedures, including teeth whitening, using trays and gel, and Invisalign. He was always very vigilant and supportive throughout all his treatments, as he constantly provided advice for at-home dental care prior to the treatments and after they are completed. At the beginning of the Invisalign treatment, Dr. Hasan made an appointment every other week to ensure the steadiness and the progress of the treatment, in addition to ensuring that I was fully comfortable in the course of the changes. At the later stages of the Invisalign treatment, the appointments were around three weeks apart on average, where Dr. Hasan would give me the new sets of Invisalign aligners and make the appropriate changes, such as filing and shaping. The treatment was fairly comfortable and very easy under the supervision of Dr. Hasan, who was always available and within reach to give additional instructions and advice. I highly recommend Dr. Hasan to any and all of my acquaintances who wish to go any orthodontic procedures or treatments, working with him was always a pleasure, for he is completely knowledgeable of the products and very professional in the manner in which he conducts all his treatments.

Dalal Al Sharhan.


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